Commercial innovation

Omnivati was founded in 2019, by three innovation professors and consultants, Jacob Goldenberg, Eli, Itin, and Rom Schrift. The three, who collectively hold over 40 years of experience in teaching and applying the Systematic Inventive Thinking approach (SIT), realized that the effectiveness of the SIT methodology would be greatly enhanced if there was an intuitive, structured, and engaging software system to support it.

Why, they wondered, are SIT ideation sessions still based on an outdated paper and pencil approach? Why don’t SIT innovators have access to a digital system that supports and enhances the SIT ideation process? Given that online and remote working is becoming more prevalent, why isn’t there an online platform that would enable both practitioners and students to collaborate and innovate remotely?

Omnivati was formed to answer these innovation needs, and to allow those who teach and study SIT, as well as managers who apply SIT tools in their ideation process, to maximize the effectiveness and value of the SIT methodology.

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