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"I found the Omnivati platform to be a very effective tool for my students to link the external and internal attributes of firms and come up with novel and unexpected growth strategies! As one student said – the platforms milks ideas from you without you even noticing."

Niron Hashai

Professor of Strategy and International Business
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

"The Omnivati platform did a great job of simplifying the use of the attribute dependency template without diminishing its creative power, helping students bypass common struggles and get to ideating sooner and with less frustration."

Jeffrey Parker

Associate Professor of Marketing
University of Illinois at Chicago
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"Using the idea extraction platform Omnivati and its systematic approach helped me come up with many innovative ideas. At the end of the process, I was surprised by how many creative ideas I've created. These led me to design new strategies for real-world companies analyzed during my MBA studies."

Idan Mashaal

Director of Cyber Security @ Plus500 Ltd
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

"Omnivati helped my students to really follow and internalize the process and understand the benefits of Systematic Creativity. It is a great tool for them to share their ideas and work in a team. Omnivati allows the teacher to easily keep track of students' success. All in all, the platform is a great addition to the course!"

Prof. Verena Schoenmueller

Bocconi University, Italy

For business innovators

A vital tool for innovation facilitators & managers who want to maximize the creative potential of their teams in systematically exploring & generating creative solutions, products, services, processes & tools

  • Get a better perspective and understanding of the challenge you are facing and wish to tackle

  • Define your solution space and scan opportunities in a systematic manner

  • Share in realtime exciting solutions and opportunities with teams and stakeholders

  • Review, document, and manage solutions and opportunities


For educators & students

An invaluable teaching tool for educators, facilitators, and consultants teaching creativity and innovation in a collaborative and engaging environment

  • Perfect and natural fit for educators looking to significantly enhance their teaching of innovation and creativity

  • Improve the way you teach, and manage student innovation projects and assignments

  • Essential learning tool for students of creativity and innovation

  • Reinforces and enhances learning through a smart and intuitive platform supporting the entire process of structured creativity

  • Enables students to generate and manage creative ideas both individually and in a shared team environment


Our innovation methodology

A new cloud-based platform that offers a toolkit for rapid and systematic generation and management of ideas. Its intuitive user-interface, structured process, and unique ability for remote collaborative work make it the perfect tool for both practitioners and educators.

Based on cutting edge research by one of its founders, and years of experience in teaching and applying these tools, Omnivati offers a structured approach to creativity which enables companies and individuals to systematically generate impactful creative solutions.

The approach highlights the benefits of embracing constraints in the ideation process, exploring patterns, and thinking within the closed world. As opposed to many myths about creativity, the Omnivati approach highlights “inside-the-box” thinking, which has been repeatedly validated and shown to yield breakthrough results.


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