Guiding your ideation process to generate creative solutions, systematically

  • Teach, integrate, and apply structured approaches to creativity

  • Intuitive and friendly cloud-based platform with various cutting-edge tools for generating and managing creative solutions

  • Engaging and dynamic environment that fosters collaborative work of teams









Structure your challenge

Get a better perspective on the challenge you are tackling

  • Deconstruct your challenge into its essential parts

  • Identify constraints, and organize vital information about your project

  • Analyze and outline interrelationships between units and components

  • Define your challenge and outline its potential solution space

Collaborate with your team

Systematically explore and share exciting solutions and opportunities

  • Share your project with teams and individuals

  • Engage your team remotely and plan workload and tasks

  • Track you team’s progress, share, and review solutions using your dashboard

Explore ideas and possibilities

Systematically scan your solution space

  • Scan your solution space in a systematic manner

  • Explore and capture new possibilities and opportunities

  • Identify and document benefits to your customers, company, and key stakeholders

  • Assess and document risk factors and potential hurdles

Manage your solutions

Review and document the solutions and opportunities

  • Review, sort, and rate your solutions

  • Track and Monitor your progress on the dashboard

  • Create and share summary reports

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